on a journey of discovery in the region


Sun-kissed Burgenland

“Do it like the sundial, just count the beautiful hours.”
In Central Burgenland there is a lot to count when the sun is shining here more often and longer than elsewhere.

«The sunny land»

The beautiful, long summers and the mild, short winters are all year round one, the gently hilly surroundings of Lutzmannsburg with its idyllic orchards and vineyards , their extensive deciduous forests and far to discover expansive fields.

In addition to the charming landscape , the surroundings of Lutzmannsburg also have a multitude of exciting excursion destinations for culture lovers and active vacationers .

After raiding for example, the birthplace of Franz Liszt , where a museum and the Liszt Festival raiding live with events in May, June and September and the work of the famous composer kept alive.

Or to the stone witnesses of the past, the Schleining Castle , the Lackenbach Castle and the B urg Forchtenstein , which houses one of the few art chambers in Europe that have been preserved at their original location.

Those who are hungry for exercise get their money’s worth with trolley rides along the romantic railway line through the Blaufränkischland as well as with golf , with < strong> Climbing in the Lutzmannsburg high ropes course or on bike tours on the well-developed bike routes throughout Central Burgenland.

Last but not least, it is the wine that determines the character of the country and the people in Lutzmannsburg and the surrounding area . Red wine is cultivated on over 2,000 hectares of vineyards in the Mittelburgenland wine region known as “Blaufränkischland” , preferably the “Blaufränkisch” grape variety. In addition to Lutzmannsburg, Deutschkreuz, Horitschon, Neckenmarkt and Raiding are among the hotspots of viticulture. Here you can not only taste the wine in vinotheques and at the winegrowers yourself, here you can literally celebrate it on wine hikes and the numerous wine festivals .